Hair removal

Electrolysis - using the short wave diathermy method. This is a permanent hair removal method, however it is a progressive treatment.
15 mins                                     £11.00

30 mins                                     £18.00

Waxing - a semi-permanent method lasting 3-5 weeks. Using honey wax and strips. Please allow at least 2 weeks hair growth before treatments.
Receive a free underarm wax when you have a leg and bikini wax.


Half leg                                      £14.50
Half leg and bikini                     £21.00
Full leg                                      £22.00 
Full leg and bikini                      £27.00
Three quarter leg                      £16.00
Bikini or underarm                     £10.00
Bikini and underarm                  £17.00
Arms                                          £15.00
Eyebrows                                   £ 8.00   
Lip or chin                                  £ 7.00   
Lip and chin                               £10.50

Lip, chin and eyebrows             £14.00
Back                                          £18.50