Woman with Face Cream

Face treatments

We use Dermalogica, developed by the International Dermal Institute. A professional salon-based range that is a consistent award winner because, quite simply, it's the best! It's a natural plant-based, scientifically proven, high quality range. What does all this mean for your skin? Real treatments and real answers from real products. It will deliver results every time. We provide a personalised treatment for each client.for people who have a lot of physical stress in their muscles. Stimulating nerve endings in your skin. Softens and breaks down fatty deposits.

The Dermalogica Pro 60 skin treatment (60 mins) - the therapist will analyse your skin so that the treatment will be customised to deliver the best results. Includes a double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extraction (as needed), relaxing face and shoulder massage, masque, toner and moisturise including concentrated boosters     £48

Dermalogica Pro 30 skin treatment (30 mins) - this mini facial is a compact version of the Dermalogica skin treatent. A quick fix for troubled skin or an ideal maintenance in between treatments      £30

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